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About 8 years ago I was diagnosed with EoE, the doctors had given up on trying to fix me and each time I visited another they gave me contradicting information. It was then I decided to take my health in my own hands. I quickly began to discover how many chemicals we are exposed to every day and how bad the nutrition of our food has gotten. I began to change my lifestyle and slowly my symptoms started to disappear. Essential Oils were a HUGE part of that journey.

After discovering all this I decided to make others aware and to teach how to ditch the toxins one day at a time. Come join me and learn how to live a better lifestyle.
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What's in the Expert Guide to Getting Started With Essential Oils?
History of Essential Oils
Essential oils have a long history that crosses multiple civilizations for thousands of years. Some of the oldest cultures on this earth saw the value in using essential oils for medicinal treatments and wellness properties.
How to use Essential Oils
There are three main ways on how to use essential oils. Join my as I go into in depth on these ways: Topical, Aromatic, Internal
What Essential Oils you can use for your health and wellness
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What Essential Oil Users Are Saying...
Essential Oils and Anxiety...
"Lavender became my go-to oil every day for my anxiety. I had been on Klonapin for about four years beforehand and never thought I would be able to take myself off it because my anxiety was so bad.

I had heard that Lavender was very good for stress, anxiety, and depression amongst all of the other things it can be used for. I began to inhale it every day, a few times a day and occasionally put a few drops of it on the bottom of my feet, neck, and wrists. Within one week I took myself off of Klonapin and have not been on it since.

Within three weeks the big round blotches of psoriasis that had been haunting my legs and elbows for years had simply disappeared! I had noticed that it was going away slowly but did not put two and two together that Lavender was used to aid in the eradication of psoriasis.

My skin is still discolored from the steroid cream I used to apply that was sticky and thick, and to think that I didn't even apply it to psoriasis. I just inhaled the oils and put it elsewhere on my body and it still worked!

I am so grateful and I hope my story can help someone else with similar issues!"

-Essential oil user

Essential Oils and Sugar Cravings...
"Dark chocolate had become a regular snack for me everyday, even though it was just a bite or two. I know sugar can inhibit your immune system so I wanted to change this habit.

I was able to sample Ocotea oil and loved its gentle cinnamon flavor. I started taking just one drop orally per day.

Within 1 week, I realized that I had skipped my chocolate several afternoons and it didn't appeal to me. Now if I eat sugar, it is because I decide to, not that I am craving it.

I love the taste of this oil!"

-Essential oil user

Sample of what is inside of this FREE book...
  • Page 9: What are Carrier Oils
  • Page 14: Buying and Storing Oils
  • Page 21: 35 most popular oils explained
  • Page 29: Essential Oils for Health & Wellness
  • Page 36: Household uses
  • ​Page 38: Safety Tips
and that's just a small snippet of what is in this book!
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